Briton 376 Series

Briton panic exit hardware devices has been well known in the building industries for more than a 100 years in history. The Briton brand has been tested to the highest international standards such as EN 1125 to European standards and PSB TUV SS332 to Singapore standards. This to ensure that the life saving exit hardware devices perform without fail on any critical situations within a building. Especially in locations such as Auditoriums, Cinemas, Chemical Plant rooms, Theatres, Staircases, Exit Routes and so on where immediate egress is critical.
NTA (Singapore) Holding Pte Ltd has been the main distributor for Briton Panic Exit Devices for more than 50 years history in the Asia Pacific Region and is considered one of the largest stockists for the Briton 376 series and Briton 600 series.

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