BRITON 376 Vertical Panic Bolt

Briton 376 Series products exceed the highest requirement of 200,000 cycles, ensuring durability for everyday use.

Briton 376E panic exit device or known as Briton 376 push bar, Briton exit hardware.

A test which measures how suitable the exit device is for varying environmental conditions. All Briton 376 Series hardware has been tested to EN 1670 Building Corrosion Requirements and has achieved at least grade 3 (high resistance). This ensures the product will function correctly in wet, polluted and exterior environments.





  • Two point locking for extra security
  • Anti-thrust device, prevents unauthorised latch retraction
  • Suitable for single and double door applications
  • Self-handed – will suit both left and right handed doors
  • Suitable for doors up to 2500mm high x 1300mm wide (extension rods required to achieve max. sizes)
  • Optional models include pullman latches, alarmed and manually dogged (hold-open) functions
  • Adjustable top and bottom shoots
  • Supplied with easy clean socket
  • Metal door variant with metal door strikes & machine screws (376M)


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